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Thunderball Syndicate




TO JOIN the syndicate, either
• buy a subscription now via  PayPal (see Recent results page), or
• complete the On-line Application Form or
• send an an e-mail to
and we'll sent you further details

Minimum is £1 per week,
for 4 weeks.



Did you know

IN Thunderball draws for Saturdays, as at NOVEMBER 2020 for example, and over the last twelve months,  numbers 23 & 29 have been drawn sixteen times but 12, 30, 32, 35 & 36 drawn only four times.

With the bonus balls, some numbers appear more often than others in a given time frame.

So the numbers don't appear equally.

Why is that?

Well we don't know, but it pays our Syndicate to keep track of the 'bias' or 'luck'... and use only those numbers that keep appearing in preference to those numbers that don't appear.


IT'S better to choose  say 20 numbers drawn most recently most often than all 39.

Saturday draws are recorded each week, in a computer spreadsheet, in 'numerical' sequence.

From that, an analysis is then made, in the form of a 'league table', which shows those numbers appearing most and least often.

View our STATISTICS page for the past few weeks and also SYNDICATE RESULTS  to see the numbers chosen for next Saturday.

OUR Thunderball syndicate regularly wins £5, £10, £20 per week.

Then it's a case of using Camelot money to buy extra lines over and above what the members pay for, to chase an even bigger prize.

  We have won prizes of £250 a time to share out so it is possible.

Over the year, we build up a ‘Pot’ from those regular small wins, and some of it is used to buy extra lines each week and the rest is saved up for an annual Christmas payout or dividend for long term members.


Syndicate Manager.

Currently member shares total 8 each week but we are currently buying 10 lines by also using surplus prize money.